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Ringing Memorial for Harvey Collyer

On Tuesday 10th April at 6pm the St Mary's ringers will be ringing a ‘half-muffled’ peal of Grandsire Caters.  This is the traditional way of ringing bells for sad occasions and is being rung in memory of Harvey Collyer, first secretary of the St Mary's bell ringers. 

Harvey rang at St Mary's from 1910, when the bells were installed.  On Wednesday 10th April 1912 Harvey, along with his wife Charlotte and daughter Marjorie, left England and emigrated to the USA.  Sadly, they sailed on the Titanic.  Although Charlotte and Marjorie were rescued by the Carpathia and eventually reached New York, Harvey perished along with over 1500 others on 15th April.

Roy Le Marechal
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